How we price

Professional psychological support without the financial burden.

We believe low out of pocket costs lead to better mental health outcomes

Every care plan is different, and this means that out of pocket costs vary from person to person. Whatever your needs, we strive to make our psychotherapy and counselling services affordable.

Industry Price

Price suggested by the Australian Psychological Society

per session
Note: The APS is the peak body for psychologists in Australia. The APS releases guidance on the price of consultations for private psychological practices. This is a recommendation only, and is not indicative of prices charged at other clinics.

Our Price

Average out-of-pocket cost at Inner Force Psychological Services

per session
Note: Price range is based on the amount paid once subsidies are taken into account. The price of a session varies according to your eligibility for schemes. The above price is not guaranteed, and is for indicative purposes only.

Price comparison for a single session

Our commitment to you

Counselling and therapy can be surprisingly affordable because many psychological services are covered by public health schemes like Medicare or the NDIS. We will link you to these schemes to reduce your fees as much as possible.

Our core mission is providing best practice care in Sydney for anyone who needs it. Low fees enable you to seek the help you need, not just the help you can afford. Our goal is to create an effective and long-term therapeutic relationship that does not cause financial stress.

If you are receiving counselling or psychotherapy from us, we can also provide additional services at a low cost. These services include:
  • Documents for legal proceedings and insurance claims (excluding reports)
  • Referrals to other relevant services as required

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